TriActive Biotics Junior is a new 2 stage advanced delivery probiotic that supports children’s immune system and digestive health. Just mix with 2 – 6 ounces of water and juice to provide your child with intestinal support.

TriActive Biotics Junior utilizes microencapsulation technology, a process where the probiotic is covered with a natural protective coating. This enables safe delivery to the optimal location, the small intestine.

This technology was shown in studies to deliver “friendly” live cultures to the target location 5 times greater than brands that aren’t microencapsulated.

TriActive Biotics Junior also contains a prebiotic that creates important metabolites that balance the pH of the stomach, wards off the growth of unfriendly bacteria, and creates a path of food for the “friendly” probiotic to multiply.

The microencapsulation also gives the product a longer active life span and avoids the necessity of refrigeration

Tri-Active Junior Probiotics Mixture

  • Simply Natural is not responsible for any damage caused by the product. You should always double check if you need the product or not, if used wrongly, can result in bad damage.

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